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Craft cannabis provides pure, unadulterated, and hand grown consistency in the product you receive. At Gold Fish Farms, we ensure 100% craft cannabis for our customers. Our cannabis is grown on our small family farm using holistic and sustainable growing methods. Each plant is hand-trimmed, hang-dried, hand-packaged and delivered by our team to local retailers. 


Gold Fish Farms is a New Mexican women owned, operated and grown, small, holistic, craft cannabis farm located in Socorro County. Our mission is to provide top, high-quality medicine to our New Mexico Community.


Owner and Mama Grower, Rhea Estrada, has 15 years’ experience growing in Oregon, Northern California, and New Mexico. Her background education is in holistic medicine and energetic bodywork.


Gold Fish Farms grows cannabis with the intention to be used as plant medicine. The goal of Gold Fish Farms is to educate the community on the benefits of cannabis grown using organic methods.


All the flower from the farm is grown in live soil using organic Korean Natural Farming methods. This method uses microorganisms to produce fertile “live” soil. The soil is nurtured and kept living from harvest to harvest as it is the source of all the plant nutrients. This method results in high quality medicine without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic salts. The farm has greenhouse dep, indoor, and outdoor flower.

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